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Laptop Repair

Laptop Cleanup

Overheating or slowness can be a result of a clogged air passage within a laptops heat-sink and fan assembly. This can be done by removing any dirt inside your machine, replacing the processor’s thermal paste and lubricate your fan if necessary.

Laptop Screen Replacement

can replace a wide range of laptop and notebook screens

Laptop Power Jack Replacement

Due to wear and tear or by accident, the power DC jack can often become loose or dislodged. We can replace it with a new DC jack for a fixed price.

Microsoft windows re-installation

There are two main reasons why computers would need an operating system (OS) re-installation. One is due to the OS being either corrupted or totally damaged because of a software or hardware failure in the system refreshed and restored back to its optimal working speed. This involves wiping off the hard drive and re-stalling the OS, drivers and starter applications. For Microsoft Windows, you’ll require a genuine license to have this service.

Laptop Motherboard Repair

Motherboard failures are very diverse, ranging from burnt components to bad electronic connections. A few cases are fixable by aid of specialist equipment

Laptop inverter replacement

The inverter is the circuit board giving power to your screen’s back light. If this gets faulty you will get a dimmed screen display, and the part needs a replacement.

Laptop keyboard replacement

If your keyboard isn’t typing some characters or otherwise faulty it will require a replacement.

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